Artificial Intelligence Supported Decision Making

How much does getaiplan cost?

We don't challenge you to find the right one from a variety of models.
Test getaiplan with any number of users for 30 days free of charge!

Domain Function
General Cancellation period none monthly monthly
Number of users up to five unlimited unlimited
Planning Shift management
PDF export calendar
Shift series
Shift templates
Shift systems
Staff Staff management
Staff function
Absence management (by Planner)
Absence request by employee
Employees Exclusions (working time, shift)
Employee qualification
Inquiry - Employee exchange
Inquiry - Shift replacement
Inquiry - Shift application
Qualification matrix
Messages Messages per shift,
employee function, company structure
and user
Settings Languages
Company structure
App app usage
Support Mail-Support
Phone support
Program adaptation Possibility of customized
adjustment e. g. program functions,
program extensions, etc. *
Possibility of customized
connections e. g. SAP, MES-systems,
database systems, etc. *
Operation on servers in the company's own network *
* Resource-related billing

How can I use the "artificial intelligence"?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported software for fast and optimal Decision processes, allows not only automatic scheduling but also finding the ideal staffing. This way you relieve your managers in personnel deployment planning and react quickly and flexibly to change. A test use can take place on request. Outside the test use, the costs for "artificial intelligence" increase by 40 percent of the monthly costs per employee.

You have more than 50 employees?

We would be pleased to take your requirements and discuss an individual offer with you. You can contact us at any time for more information. On request, we can also present the possibilities of our solutions.

You want to run getaiplan on your own server?

We offer you the possibility to use getaiplan on your own server. Please contact us for further details.

Further advantages:

Your getaiplan-account can be completely deleted by you at any time. Startups receive a 30% discount on all products.

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