Artificial Intelligence Supported Decision Making

Hawk Intelligent Technologies GmbH

We are an SME with the vision to fundamentally improve the information situation for decisions. System boundaries do not play a role for us.
Our team is composed of visionaries from various fields including:

Hawk Intelligent Technologies GmbH is a company founded in 2015 that has set itself the task of fundamentally improving the basis for operational decisions with the help of Artificial Intelligence AI . Our team consists of computer scientists and engineers with core competence in this field. Based on this know-how, we offer products and services in the areas of AI consulting, AI-supported forecasts and decisions e. g. prediction of visitor numbers and intelligent administration of shift schedules with our web-based tool getaiplan. The expenditure for shift-based personnel planning is significantly reduced by getaiplan. This is achieved by means of digital shift schedules, event-driven personnel requirements planning in combination with improved information exchange through the integrated messaging system.

Our team is currently focusing on the further development of getaiplan in the industrial sector.

Department of Digitisation and Artificial Intelligence

We are very proud of our highly qualified team for digitization applications and the development of pragmatic intelligences. Above all, we focus on the connection to industry. We are happy to support you with our know-how in the development of robust solutions.


German Technology


The power of data has become an evermore important topic in our world today, while data consolidation methods have become increasingly opaque. It is therefore vital that the legal requirements are made clear and transparent.

Germany is well known for its strong data and consumer protection laws. Therefore we are proud to say that our entire technical equipment, including servers are located in Germany. Through the use of German technology, we seek to improve our system reliability metrics above and beyond the existing status quo.

The safety and privacy of data is at the heart of everything we do and is part of our firm's philosophy. We emphasize this by maintaining all data on our own servers, housed in premier German server locations.


Invitation to tender


We are currently looking for interns, students, part-time and full-time employees with an IT background.

We look forward to receiving your applications which can be sent to info@hawk-intech.com.