Predictions of customers and goods

Especially in the seasonal business one has to deal with fluctuating visitor numbers. The number of visitors depends on many factors, e.g. advertising, weather, activities of the competition, events, news from the regional news services and much more.

Fluctuating visitor numbers, e.g. in retail or ski areas as well as in outdoor swimming pools or in general in the outdoor business, make stable personnel deployment planning difficult. Current challenges are met as follows:

  • On-call duty of flexible personnel (with the risk of downtime, including moderately motivated personnel)
  • Planning with overcapacities (if the supply of the customer has the highest priority)
  • Planning with the standard workforce (if supplying the customer has a low priority)

By using Artificial Intelligence we can help you to create a 7 day forecast of your customers.

Internal data

External Data


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Hawk InTech Knowledge - Database

Hawk InTech AI



We use three groups of information sources to predict customers or material assets in the various industries:

1. Internal data:
Historical data of the information you want to get predicted e.g. number of customers, sales figures of a certain product,...
2. External data:
Information about the system -> the so-called external data e.g. (weather, events,...)
3. Hawk InTech DB:
Information that we have identified as important markers in our research with universities over the years and that is not available on the market in this way is compiled by Hawk InTech in our knowledge database.


The most essential part of the prediction is Artificial Intelligence, which has been developed in collaboration with universities over the years. With municipal operations, the prediction accuracy has been optimized so far that we can now proudly make our product available to the market.

We can provide you with forecasts with over 80% probability for a period of 7 days in advance. We are currently working on sector-specific adjustments to calculate even more precise forecasts.

Example data of a temperature curve


Prediction of visitors



We would be happy to develop an implementation concept with you and integrate ongoing processes into your business processes in order to stabilise them and increase employee satisfaction, including customer satisfaction. You can also send us data in advance, e.g. from 2015 and 2016, and we will calculate forecasts for the year 2017, so you can check yourself how exactly the predictions on your data records are possible. A typical procedure would be as follows:

1. Concept and data analysis:
In the first phase, we prepare and analyze data.
2. Process integration:
In the second step, we provide you with a platform in which all calculations are automated, so that you can have a forecast calculated as often as you like and which can be integrated into your business processes.
3. Individual optimizations:
Through individual adaptations we can optimally adapt the online service to your company in order to generate the maximum benefit for you.



The pricing of our services is always worked out individually with the customer and primarily depends on the wishes and requirements of the frequency of calculation as well as the provision of our platform.

Please contact us for further details.

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